When is the Best Time to Sell My House?

There are many who think spring is best!.

You’re going to sell your house, but when is the best time to sell? The consensus seems to be spring; houses sell for more money more quickly when you sell your house in the spring.

But what if you can’t wait?

  • Because sometimes life events cause you to need to sell your Savannah house fast!
  • Because you can’t always wait until spring when you need to sell your house now!

One simple thing you can do if you need to sell your Savannah house sooner rather than later, is to call us! We will evaluate your home via online data and make you an offer fast! Remember, we are not Realtors. We are home buyers.

We can buy your house on your timeframe. You can choose the closing date!

We close all of our homes with a reputable Savannah real estate attorney. You can attend the closing if you wish, or you can sign the paperwork ahead of time.

There is a tremendous amount of work to be done when you move, from finding a buyer for your home, to packing, to changing addresses, to finding new schools for your children. Let us help you in this period of transition! Call or text Kim to get started. 912-665-4336.

Published by Kim Banks

Kim Banks, Real Estate Investor

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